New face for Alliance

Alliance candidate Tara Doyle.
Alliance candidate Tara Doyle.

The Alliance Party has selected Tara Doyle as its candidate for Upper Bann in the Assembly elections.

Since starting her first job at 16, Tara is still with her first employer 11 years later, a major supermarket retailer and has worked through the ranks at a number of locations. Tara has a personal interest in disability issues and is keen to remove barriers and protect the rights of those with a disability.

Tara said she was privileged to have been selected for Upper Bann and it was clear there was a desire for change at Stormont.

She said, “This election presents an opportunity to change our politics into something honest, responsible, respectful and hard working. Perhaps the best opportunity for a generation.

“Upper Bann has a huge amount to gain from stable government and a strong Alliance team at Stormont can be a key element in that government. I believe if I am elected I can make a valuable contribution to that team and represent all the people of Upper Bann

“If we keep voting along tribal orange and green lines the divisions in our society will not go away. This is the chance for people to bring the communities together and make us stronger, to make a change for good. This election is the time when people can make a stand against the seemingly constant scandals, links to paramilitaries and division that costs us more every year than everything else put together.

“The people of Upper Bann can grasp the opportunity this election offers and make the change for good.”

From primary school in Portadown, Tara moved to Portadown College, then she went on to study BA (Honours) in Politics at Queen’s University, quickly followed by LLM in Human Rights and Criminal Justice Law. While at Queen’s University Tara was part of a working group on anti-human trafficking legislation for the Assembly.

The candidate originally named for Upper Bann, Harry Hamilton, had to withdraw due to work commitments. Harry will be actively supporting Tara during her campaign.