New ‘keep clear’ box at Trasna Way welcomed by residents - Lockhart

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Road improvements at Trasna Way in Lurgan have been welcomed,

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart said the creation of a new Keep Clear box at the junction of Trasna Way and Russell Drive would be welcomed by residents.

She said: “The area had become snarled up with the new Millennium Way junction preventing motorists exiting onto Russell Drive.”

After some approaches from residents the Upper Bann representative lobbied to get a box junction to assist those who need to use the junction.

She said: “This keep clear addition is very welcome particularly to the residents of the area.

“People were struggling to enter and exit their estate and whilst the Millennium Way by pass has been a welcome addition to the town centre it has created some problems like this.

“I would like to thank Transport NI for their workmanship in this regard.”