New museum earns praise

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The Friends of Brownlow House have been congratulated on a hugely successful opening of their new Brownlow HQ museum on Saturday.

This comes following the securing of £130,000 through the legacy Council funding. DUP Cllr Carla Lockhart was the driving force and was the first to propose and push for this spend, garnering the support from all across the chamber in the old Craigavon Council.

Speaking following the event Cllr Lockhart said, “Saturday was a proud day for the Friends of Brownlow House, the Council and indeed myself personally.

“When this project was originally mooted I thought it was a fantastic idea and was able to propose and secure with the help of my party £130,000 to fund this amazing project.

“It was a tight timescale but with everyone working together the project was delivered successfully and what we have now is a world class American Troops museum teaching the history that exists within Brownlow House concerning the American Military personnel when they were stationed there in WW2.

“Brownlow House’s full potential is really starting to be realised and it is great to play a small part in its success story.

“I would pay tribute to David Martin the Chair of the Friends of Brownlow House and Sam McCleary for their hard work and effort and to Council officials who helped co-ordinate the project.

“This demonstrates that Brownlow House can and will be a tourism mecca in the new ABC Council area. I would also commend them on securing a visit from the new American Consulate General Daniel Lawton and his family this demonstrates the significance of this new museum and will help garner interest from our American friends to visit the exhibition.”

The opening was also welcomed by UUP MLA Jo-Anne Dobson: “This is a momentous new exhibition for Brownlow House and the people of the town.

“I know that people in the town still have memories of the US Army stationed at Brownlow House, including my own in-laws John and Margaret who remember fondly the impressive sight of their endless convoys driving through the town and rural areas.

“This exhibition will help preserve and honour that historical time for generations to come.

“Massive credit is due to the hard work and determination of both David Martin and Sam McCleary whose painstaking work alongside Council staff and volunteers made it all possible.

“I would encourage people to take time to visit the exhibition.”