New President will be installed soon

The Rev Drewe McConnell. INLM36-011
The Rev Drewe McConnell. INLM36-011

The new President of the Irish National Christian Endeavour will be installed on Saturday, September 21.

Christian Endeavourers, locally and throughout Ireland, are looking forward to meeting their new President, the Rev Drewe McConnell, when he is installed in Raffrey Presbyterian Church, near Killyleagh.

The installation will form an integral part of the 99th Irish National Christian Endeavour Convention to which every CE Society in Ireland is eligible to send representation.

The Rev McConnell said: “Living in Lurgan for most of my life, I was saved in 1984 under Rev John Girvan who was minister of Hill Street Presbyterian Church. As a recently converted young man - one of the best decisions occurred in my life when I joined the Adult Christian Endeavour in the Church.

“As I observed the more senior members, I was nurtured tenderly and wisely in the Christian life, in prayer, Scripture, fellowship and worship.

“From the early years of being unable to pray in public, then to doing a topic - and what a topic (I can still remember it) the Heavenly city Zion - to the involvement within CE Council. I became a YP leader in Hill Street and although, in many ways, it was a difficult work it was so rewarding. Undoubtedly Christian Endeavour is very important to me and has shaped and directed my life for Christ and His Church.

“It was some time later the Lord called me into study for the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and I was ordained and installed into 1st Limavady and Magilligan Presbyterian Churches in September 2008. It is only three years since a Junior Christian Endeavour has started in Limavady and although it is very much the early stages the Monday meetings are now starting to get integrated within Church life.

“Let me share with you of just two remarkable things that have happened in our CE meetings. Firstly to see in our prayer times some of the Juniors who at the start ‘refused’ to take part and then to watch them over the weeks and months being slowly and tenderly being drawn towards wanting to pray. Secondly just 8 weeks ago hearing of one of the Juniors (5 years old) giving his heart to the Lord. He replied to his father asking him about being a Christian - but daddy I am a Christian. Two weeks ago when I was up the climbing frame I remembered all the bad things I had done before God and asked Jesus into my heart.

“Christian Endeavour in Ireland is indebted to all the people who work extremely hard in C.E Council and Executive. C.E could never keep going without its dedicated leaders and helpers. But keep going because we know God is doing something special at every meeting. Most times we do not see it; sometimes God gives us little glimpses; so we keep serving Him - for Christ and His Church. I look forward to seeing everyone on September 21.”