New signage and seating for villages

Cllr Mark Baxter at the Bell Community Garden in Donaghcloney.
Cllr Mark Baxter at the Bell Community Garden in Donaghcloney.

Waringstown and Donaghcloney have been given new signage and seating.

The move has been welcomed by DUP Councillor Mark Baxter: “Constituents in the rural areas deserve the same provision of those living in the towns of the borough so I’m genuinely delighted that some of these projects for Waringstown and Donaghcloney are beginning to come to fruition.

He said: “Funding from SOAR was awarded to council to produce village plans, and working alongside 
DUP colleagues and the council’s rural development officer a series of public meetings were held, taking ratepayers views on board some projects were identified and now after many months of lobbying the various bodies involved the new signage and summer seating is now in place in both villages.

“This is a very welcome step and although much more investment is needed and many more projects realised I believe this is only the start of better provision for these communities within Craigavon.”

He added: “Looking forward to the new Super councils in April funding will become more competitive but with these plans ‘shovel ready’ I believe we are well placed to achieve better things.

“I along with a strong DUP team from council with full support of colleagues in Stormont and our MP will continue to lobby at the highest level for these areas.”