NIE reminder to ‘stay safe this summer’

Hal Steele, Safety Engineer at NIE Networks with Casper Spence.
Hal Steele, Safety Engineer at NIE Networks with Casper Spence.

The holidays are here and Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks), the power company that owns the electricity network, is keen that everyone across the country has a safe summer by staying away from electricity substations and overhead power lines.

Rachele Glendinning, Safety Officer at NIE Networks, has visited thousands of children in primary schools across Northern Ireland this year to deliver the NIE Networks’ Kidzsafe programme and wants parents to also spend some time reminding their children of the dangers of electricity. Rachele says, “During the school holidays, as our young people head out to play, they need to know that they could be hurt or even killed if they climb pylons, go near overhead power lines or into substations.

“Interfering with the electricity network, accidentally or otherwise, can prove fatal, and we’re appealing to parents and guardians to spend time talking to their children about the dangers of power lines and substations.

Rachele continues, “If your football, frisbee or even your pet gets inside the perimeter of a substation, don’t go anywhere near it – call our Customer Helpline on 03457 643 643 and we’ll organise for one of our engineers to retrieve it for you. If you spot anything potentially unsafe, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to send out our emergency crews.” Visit the Kidzsafe section at or call on 03457 643 643