Night time roadworks fury

Avenue Road will be closed from 7pm-6am whilst road works are completed. INLM32-203.
Avenue Road will be closed from 7pm-6am whilst road works are completed. INLM32-203.

The roadworks at Avenue Road may only just have started but already there have been a number of complaints about the noise of the work and the diversion route.

Residents in the Avenue Road estate have expressed their concerns about the volume of traffic using Carrick Drive as a diversion, and the speed of traffic using the route at less busy periods.

Some residents have also expressed their concerns about the work taking place at night - for while it may help reduce traffic chaos it’s not exactly conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Indeed one resident claimed the work had included pneumatic drills running at 1.30am when they were trying to sleep.

Adding to the woes for residents is the sound of the work machinery - especially the beeps from the diggers.

Leigh McClune said: “It’s shocking, you couldn’t live with it. I don’t know how residents in the area can be expected to put up with this for the next two weeks.”

She had expected the work to stop about 11pm, but it didn’t.

The Department for Infrastructure in announcing the work last week had said it would be taking place through the night - from 7pm to 6am.

Leigh said: “They’re right at the end of my street. You have lorries coming and going and the sound of the beeps as they reversed was going continually. Then you had the sound of the pneumatic drill starting at 1.30am. It was still going on at 3.30am when I finally dropped off.”

She added: “There’s no way they can let that go on for two weeks. There’s no way you can sleep through that.”

An Avenue Road Residents’ Committee spokesman said they had concerns over the volume of traffic travelling trough the estate and, at times, its speed,

A Department for Infrastructure spokesperson said: “The essential maintenance works on Flush Place/Avenue Road will deliver significant improvements to both the structural integrity and surface of the roads.

“Given the high volumes of traffic using this key commuter route each day, particularly at peak morning and evening periods, the works have been scheduled overnight to minimise disruption to road users, local residents and businesses. Overnight working at this location will reduce the necessary time needed to safely complete the works.

“Drivers are requested to adhere to the speed limits, follow the signed diversion routes and avoid entering the roads within the road closure limits unless for the purpose of local access. The PSNI has been informed of the road closure and local access arrangements.

“The Department apologises for any inconvenience to residents during the course of the works which are due to be completed by 21 August.”