‘No one wants to know’

FROM:- Stig of the Dump (name and address supplied)

From March 18, 2010, the residents of Legahory and Burnside have complained to the Housing Executive and the Council about rubble and rubbish dumped in the estates and no one wanted to know.

Now the Housing Executive have got the Travellers moved out of Burnside.

They are getting the place cleaned up, landscaping the ground around two derelict houses and killing the wildlife with their weed-killing chemicals.

Is this just a coincidence when they have submitted a planning application for a Travellers’ site in Burnside, a few yards from people’s houses?

I wonder if this is just sour grapes because they didn’t get the allotments to build on?

Will the people in the Planning Office please wake up - we don’t need any more sites on our door steps.

We don’t need any more rubble, rubbish, stray dogs, horses or human excrement to tramp through, and we certainly don’t want any more rioting.

It’s strange that the pitched battle in Union Street was quashed in an hour, while the residents in Legahory and Burnside had to suffer it for seven days while the PSNI looked on.

Of course, when the planning application comes up again, there will be no complaints - the Travellers aren’t there.