Noise complaints: an overview

WHEN the Environmental Protection team receive an initial complaint they will confirm receipt of the complaint and send a letter of guidance to the person the complaint is being made against outlining what they can do to remedy the situation.

If no improvement is forthcoming, the complainant is given log sheets to record the incidents he believes to be noise nuisance.

If the log sheets are not returned it’s assumed the situation has improved and the case is closed.

If the log sheets are returned a second warning letter is issued to the person complained of and a decision is made whether or not to install surveillance equipment in the house of the complainant. If this is the case the equipment is installed for seven days and data gathered during that period is analysed to gauge whether a noise abatement order will be served.

By the far the biggest proportion of noise complaints received by Environmental Protection are complaints about barking dogs.

To make a noise complaint contact the Environmental Health Department at the Civic Centre, Lakeview Road, Craigavon, BT61 1AL or call 3831 2521 or email