North Street drivers ‘have no consideration’

North St. Lurgan.
North St. Lurgan.

Traffic congestion on busy North Street has been blamed on drivers with ‘no commonsense’ and ‘no consideration’.

At peak times the vibrant shopping area can be clogged with drivers negotiating their way past parked delivery vans.

One local business woman said it was very frustrating.

“By just using a little bit of commonsense, there wouldn’t be half the congestion,” she told the MAIL.

The woman, who travels extensively and regularly throughout the town centre, believes North Street is one of the worst for traffic congestion and parking.

“With a lot of people trying to get past parked vehicles, it just takes a wee bit of time and courtesy to either let someone past so there is an easier flow of traffic or hopefully they will let you past,” she said.

“It is only commonsense and courtesy to allow someone to drive past so the traffic can keep flowing,” she said.

“It’s the same situation in Brownlow Terrace.

“All the time it is gridlocked because some people are inconsiderate and won’t let people past,” she said.

Brownlow Terrace has regularly been highlighted as a parking and traffic nightmare. Residents blame train commuters for blocking parking spots.

Meanwhile new parking and waiting restrictions for North St and William St came into effect this week.

The Department of Regional Development will enact the new laws which came into force on February 8.

The rule will prohibit vehicles waiting on lengths of North St at any time (loading and unloading permitted)

It will create parking spaces on lengths of North St and William St and with certain conditions.

Parking between 8.30am and 6.15pm Monday to Saturday will be restricted to two hours with no return to a parking place within one hour.

There are vehicles which are excepted from the prohibitions and parking conditions in certain circumstances.

New parking restrictions will come into effect on part of William Street across the road from the train station.