Not keen on ‘the water’

TAKING to the water did not go down too well with members of Lurgan Chamber of Trade in 1967.

Mr Jack Thompson, himself a keen swimmer, wanted fellow members of the Chamber to ‘take to the water’ at least once a week.

Speaking at a meeting he suggested that the Chamber should seek to have an hour’s session at the swimming pool every Wednesday.

But Mr Thompson’s plan was greeted with a ‘cold shoulder’ by secretary, Mr E. G. Calvert, and a vehement expression from Mr Gordon Gilchrist.

“Why not join the Yacht Club and go for a sail,” advised Mr Gilchrist.

“What would be the point in that,” retorted Mr Thompson. “You would sit in the car on the way to the Lough then you would sit in a boat and finally you would sit in a car on the way home again. It’s exercise you want.”