Notorious killer scalded in prison ‘revenge attack’

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A former Lurgan man, William Beggs, who is serving time for a brutal murder has been scalded in a revenge attack behind bars.

Beggs, who is serving life for murdering and dismembering Barry Wallace, 18, had boiling water thrown over his face and hands in the cell attack.

The attacker is alleged to be a drug offender due for release this year.

Authorities have now moved the alleged attacker from Saughton Prison, Edinburgh.

He is reported as saying he was taking revenge for an incident with Beggs soon after he arrived at Saughton.

It is understood Beggs was treated for burns in the prison’s infirmary but did not need to attend hospital.

Beggs was jailed in 2001 for the murder of Mr Wallace in Kilmarnock in 1999.

The teenager’s limbs and torso were found in Loch Lomond.

The killer has become a self-styled legal expert in jail and has helped many prisoners with appeals and compensation hearings.

Earlier this year it was revealed he’d cost taxpayers £42,000 in legal wrangles.

A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service said: “We do not comment on individual prisoners.”