Now the time to book your party night

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We do hesitate to mention the word Christmas before Halloween but, now is the time to book your Christmas party.

Early booking is essential to ensure you get the venue you want for your big night out so don’t delay considering that party night - even if our poor summer isn’t quite over in most of our minds.

Tasty temptation.

Tasty temptation.

The work Christmas party - enough to strike fear into employees just at the mere mention of it.

Conjuring up images of drunken colleagues, ‘secret Santas’ and making small talk with the boss, the annual office party can make or break your career.

Here are some dos and don’ts of office Christmas party etiquette to keep your job, reputation and dignity in one piece.

Attend - your office party is not optional, by giving it a miss can give the impression you’re not part of the team.

Dress appropriately - the venue will determine the dress code so make sure you know what it is.

Keep the balancing act - it’s a good time to network and talk to people you wouldn’t normally come across which could help you in the long term in terms of forging alliances or just raising your profile but don’t talk shop or you could get labelled as the ‘office bore’.

Drink in moderation - excessive drinking is the number one cause of office party ‘incidents’.

Stick to your limit, drink slowly or alternate between alcohol and water and resist the temptation to indulge in shots or you may end up losing more than your inhibitions.

Watch your language - Avoid saying things you wouldn’t say on a normal office day.

Above all, enjoy the party. Strive to be remembered for the right reasons and not for your antics.