Objections to major housing developments

A proposed major new development in the Mourneview area for 208 new homes has hit a brick wall with dozens of objections.

However, despite objections a 109-home development by Craigavon Council for Pinebank was approved.

And approval was given for 113 news homes at Lurgan’s North Circular Road.

Near Mourneview, Finard Developments Ltd have requested planning permission for the new development plus access at The Hollows.

The development is to extend from Gilford Road and Glenavon Lane and adjacent to Shimna Walk and Green Hill Park

So far Planning Service has received 22 letters of objection, including from MLAs Stephen Moutray and Jo-Anne Dobson.

The Planning Service approved the development but at a meeting of Craigavon Council on Monday night, DUP Cllr Carla Lockhart asked that the decision be deferred due to a high volume of opposition she had received.

She said she had been inundated with complaints about the development and requested that the planners meet residents regarding their opposition.

A planning service officer at Craigavon asked Mrs Lockhart for details of the concerns so they could be addressed.

The plans for Tullygally Road proposes a major new development close to Pinebank and Rowan Park.

However a number of people objected claiming there is a Tree Preservation Order covering all trees plus there were concerns about access via the Pinebank estate.

A prospectus to the Planning Service from the architect said there were ‘no restricting wildlife issues’.

Access is planned via Tullygally Road with traffic calming measures and a new footpath connection from Tullygally Rood fo Pinebank.

A development by Tarry Lane Developments Limited between North Circular Road and Tarry Lane proposes 113 dwellings comprising 26 detached and 87 semi detached homes and garages.