O'Dowd meets mesh implant victims

Sinn Féin MLA John O'Dowd has met with men and women from Upper Bann who are suffering as a result of mesh implants.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 12:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st March 2018, 12:49 pm
John O'Dowd, MLA

Speaking after the meeting with campaign groups Sling the Mesh and Hernia Mesh NI Mr O’Dowd said: “The suffering endured by these men and women as a result of mesh implants is very evident. They have endured years of pain and now face barriers to effective treatment and answers to their many questions.

“My party has been in continuous engagement with the Department of Health on this matter and the Department must listen to and act in the interests of these brave women and men.

“I welcome confirmation from the Public Health Agency that the Belfast Trust are in the process of procuring 3D scanning equipment for use in cases of mesh injury.

“It is important that other measures are put in place and to ensure that others are protected from future mesh injuries.

He said: “Sinn Féin are seeking a public inquiry into the use of mesh and we are calling for a ban on the use of such mesh until the findings of that Inquiry are known.”