‘Baby Shark’ dance video in Mediterranean goes viral

Ciaran McCaughey
Ciaran McCaughey

A video of a Co Armagh man miming to the ‘Baby Shark’ song while swimming in the Mediterranean has gone viral.

Ciaran McCaughey was celebrating his 30th birthday in Santa Ponsa in Majorca when his friends shot the now famous clip.

Last Friday the Lurgan lad was swimming at the side of the boat when the music of ‘Baby Shark’ could be heard in the background.

Ciaran, who obviously is a fan, knew all the words and mimicked every action to the children’s dance while deftly staying afloat.

Now the clip, filmed by Wayne Toman, which has had everyone in stitches laughing has been shared widely across the globe.

One person said: “I don’t care what anyone says this is the best baby shark I’ve seen.”