VIDEO: Terrifying moment as car spins out of control, crashes into ditch ... and drives on

A still from the incident on Barnfield Road, Lisburn
A still from the incident on Barnfield Road, Lisburn

This is the terrifying moment when a car spins out of control on an Ulster road before smashing into a ditch and continuing on.

Dramatic dash cam footage of the hair-raising incident, which took place near Lisburn, has been viewed over 100,000 times online.

The video, posted on Facebook by Mac Autoparts, shows a silver Renault Twingo narrowly avoiding a collision with a lorry after losing control on a bend in wet conditions on Barnfield Road. The car then spins into a roadside verge before, incredibly, regaining traction and driving on.

A lorry and a another car were forced to slam on the brakes as the driver behind the wheel of the Twingo careered into the verge.

“Just drive on as nothing ever happened,” reads one Facebook comment. Another viewer quipped: “Casually put it into second and cruise on as if you took the corner immaculately.”

Mac Autoparts, who captured the close call last month, posted: “Very lucky.”

Police confirmed they received a report of a car crashing into a ditch on January 9. They said the driver of the vehicle was unharmed.

“Significant damaged was caused to the vehicle,” a PSNI spokesman added.

Police said the driver would not be facing charges.