WATCH: Kindhearted man rescues cat from building site

The rescued cat.
The rescued cat.

An east Antrim man has been praised after rescuing a cat that had became trapped between walls in a home that was under construction.

Carrickfergus man, Campbell Baird, posted a video of the cat being freed from the house on Tuesday, June 13.

Appealing for the owner to contact him, he said: “Anyone on Woodburn Road area know who owns this cat? Just spent the last hour knocking holes in my wall to get it out. It had fallen down between the brick in the new house. Think its front leg is broken. Not looking any damages repaired- just glad to get her out.”

The video has gone viral from the time it was uploaded, with over 750 people sharing it since Tuesday evening.

Praising Campbell in a post on Facebook, a spokesperson for Cromlyn House Veterinary Hospital and Clinic said: “You’ll be pleased to hear this little one has been reunited with her owner...and what a kind builder! Well done!”