WATCH: Mother Bluebird defends and feeds her chicks

Mother bird feeding her chicks
Mother bird feeding her chicks

The wonder of nature was marvelled at this week once more when a local family captured a mother Bluebird caring for her young.

This footage was taken yesterday (Tuesday) in Waringstown in Co Down.

The mother can be seen clucking over her babies and tending to their needs - in the casing of an old disused pump.

The footage was sent to us by Heather Steele whose daughter Katie captured the footage after “hearing endless clucking”.

“We saw them flying in and out of the pump from they were hardly able to fly,” said Katie.

“We are all very proud of them.”

Mum Heather added: “We have all been keeping an eye on them as we have two dogs here.

“They started to come out of the nest and we had to put them back in again.

“We just think it is great to have this in our garden - in an old disused pump.”