Young footballers Mannequin Challenge video scores internet goal

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A video of young footballers from Lurgan FC taking part in the mannequin challenge has scored a social media hit.

The Under-14 team took part in the challenge at Wednesday night training with some interesting poses.

The Mannequin Challenge has proved a global success with international stars such as Beyonce, Hillary Clinton and Bon Jovi among those who have taken part.

Coach Darren Kennedy posted the video on Twitter and said: “Lurgan town under 14s mannequin challenge tonight.

“Some great effforts.

“ Wish they could listen like that every training session @lurgantownfc.”

Darren said it started as a ‘pep talk’ before training.

“I had asked them before training if they knew about the Mannequin Challenge and of course they all knew about,” he said.

“I didn’t have to coach them on this. They just did it themselves. They had a bit of a chat before I started videoing and they did it all themselves,” he said.

“It was a bit of team cameraderie.”

The lads are off to play a cup game on Saturday against Mountjoy in Castlecaulfield and this has definitely lifted team spirits, with a huge new social media supporters club behind them.

The Mannequin Challenge is the latest craze from the USA and trending widely across Facebook and Twitter.

It has been branded the new ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’.

Teenagers from the USA started off the viral movement last month.

The challenge sees participants creating a frozen snapshot as they hold a dramatic pose while someone videos.