‘Offensive’ Facebook post leads to house search

A message on Facebook has landed a poster in ‘hot water’.

After the post was flagged up as ‘not just highly offensive, but seemingly terrorist supporting’ police have conducted a search of his home.

In their social media post police said: “Since the cowardly attempt to murder our colleague in Belfast, the vast majority of comments on mainstream and social media have been hugely supportive.

“We’ve been inundated with both private messages of support and kind comments in the street. The random and indiscriminate way high velocity rounds were peppered into a petrol station and vehicles has brought into stark focus to everyone the complete disregard these people have for those they claim to be their own community.

“Sadly though, as we know, there’s always one! One of our Facebook followers last week flagged up to us that an individual had posted not just highly offensive, but seemingly terrorist supporting messages on Facebook.

“The comment was shown to Chief Inspector Burrows, who was disgusted.”

The Chief Inspector said: “We won’t tolerate such remarks whether they are online or in the street about our colleagues who are attacked whilst protecting their community. If people post such comments we will bring them to justice.”

Police revealed that an operation was put together this morning (Thursday, February 2) and Craigavon District Support Team were dispatched.

The police post added: “That individual maybe thought he was being clever, or that he could hide behind a screen. Whatever his story, we’ll know soon enough when he’s interviewed, as he’s just been arrested. Right now, DST are searching his house. He himself is on his way to custody. It’s funny what a search will uncover. He’s already been further arrested for abstracting electricity and prohibited weapon offences.

“Folks there is a fine line between freedom of speech and glorifying and encouraging cowardly terrorists and spouting hatred. Whilst the 99% move on, if you are going to spew hate fuelled bile for the world to see and encourage the murder of our colleagues, know this: we will come for you.

“We continue to wish our colleague in Belfast a speedy recovery.”