One phone call gets house listing started

A PHONE call from one resident set in motion the proposed listing of Demesne House on the Kilmore Road in Lurgan.

Craigavon council has been asked for its views on the proposed listing by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

Councillor Joe Nelson said he had spoken to the developer who was concerned about the listing of the house and the land. It could have far reaching consequences on the development.

“This area is rife with anti-social behaviour and this development would address some of those issues,” added Councillor Nelson.

He felt that the best approach would be if the house was listed and not the land.

Alderman Arnold Hatch said he had spoken to a lady at the Agency and what had sparked this off was one phone call from a resident.

He proposed that the counncil should defer any decision until more was known why the owner should be restricted simply because one resident wants the buillding listed.

Alderman Stephen Moutray said he knew the house well. As a juvenile member of Lurgan Golf Club he remembered putting a ball through a window of the house.

“The golf club is doing a great job across all the communities with its plans for the future and I would not like anything to stymie those plans,” he added.

Alderman Moutray agreed that they should not take any action at this time.

Alderman Hatch said they were deferring the decision and when they got more information back then they could make a decision.

Councillors agreed to defer any decision.