‘Only a matter of time before someone is killed at Ardress crossroads’

‘It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed at Ardress crossroads,’ says DUP MLA William Irwin after Tuesday’s crash.

The crossroads near Loughgall was closed in all four directions after the two vehicle collision.

DUP MLA at Ardress crossroads where there was another crash on Tuesday

DUP MLA at Ardress crossroads where there was another crash on Tuesday

It is the latest in a long line of crashes at this notorious blackspot.

Mr Irwin visited the scene of yet another accident on Tuesday afternoon involving two vehicles and was relieved that the occupants of both vehicles had ‘non life threatening injuries’.

Mr Irwin said, “Thankfully those travelling in the two vehicles were not more seriously injured. One of the drivers was able to walk away unhurt whilst the occupants of the other vehicle were taken to hospital for what I understand are non life threatening injuries. I spoke with a family member of the two local individuals who were taken to hospital and I wish them a speedy recovery.

“It certainly is a concerning sight and further highlights just how dangerous this junction continues to be.”

“I have continually pushed for improvements at this accident black spot and a number of improvements have been installed. I have again spoken to Transport NI senior officials and they have agreed to look again at additional safety measures.”

He concluded: “It is imperative that every effort is made to try and understand the reasons why this crossroads continues to have such a regular accident occurrence rate.

“Locals living in the vicinity are so fearful of a very serious accident or worse still a fatality such is the risk at this spot. My real fear is that there will be a fatality at this location and that certainly isn’t something that any family should have to experience. “

The Department of Infrastructure said: “The Department is aware of concerns at the approach to Ardress crossroads from the Blackisland Road and has already taken a number of steps to alert road users to the junction. These include an advanced sign highlighting the crossroads, two advance STOP warning signs on high visibility background and another STOP sign on high visibility background at the junction itself. In addition there are signs on all other approaches and high friction surfacing has been applied.

“The Department is also currently in the process of introducing a 40 mph speed limit on all approaches to Ardress crossroads and once completed speed limit signs will be erected. Road users are reminded of their responsibility to drive with due care and attention.”