Oscar Wilde drama in aid of the Portadown Pikers’ Appeal

Mr Podger (Matthew Marshall) reading Lord Arthur's hand. INPT22-025
Mr Podger (Matthew Marshall) reading Lord Arthur's hand. INPT22-025

Stagehands Dramatic Society will be treading the boards over the next two weeks, with proceeds from tomorrow (Saturday’s) show going to the Portadown Pikers’ Appeal.

‘Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime’ is based on a short story of the same name by Oscar Wilde, and is a period tale filled with the fast-paced humour and wit associated with the Irish poet and playwright.

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime charts the fate of the title character, Lord Arthur, as he seeks to fulfil a fortune teller’s prediction that he will commit a murder at some time in the future.

Determined that no secret should be hidden from his fiancé and bride-to-be Sybil, he decides that he must commit the crime before his wedding day and so the stage is set as the audience share in his attempts to ‘bump off’ one unfortunate relative after another.

The results are both hilarious and disastrous as, despite the assistance of his loyal Butler Baines and an over-enthusiastic German anarchist Winklekopf, Lord Arthur remains unable to dispose of his aristocratic relatives.

Indeed, when his aunt, Lady Windermere, exclaims that the “…lower classes are decidedly impervious to harm and injury”, Arthur returns with “…. the upper classes aren’t doing too badly either”.

The first performance was last Saturday at Markethill Courthouse, and tomorrow the action moves to Portadown Town Hall, with tickets on sale there and also at Winnie’s newsagent’s and Portadown Cares charity shop.

The Market Place Theatre in Armagh will host the final show on Saturday, June 7. Tickets are available from the box office.

Tickets may also be bought from cast and society members.

Proceeds from the performances in Portadown and Markethill will go to the Pikers’ Appeal.