Pair meet PSNI over Waringstown trouble

THE DUP have vowed to help the people of Waringstown who they say have been subject to an unacceptable level of antisocial behaviour from youths.

Party members Carla Lockhart and Stephen Moutray met with the PSNI who have recorded a steep increase in the level of antisocial behaviour in the village.

It follows a ‘MAIL’ report last week on serious antisocial behaviour in Waringstown on Halloween night.

Speaking on the issue Councillor Lockhart said: “For too long this type of activity has been blighting this area that once enjoyed a very peaceful and tranquil environment.

“Unfortunately youths have been wreaking havoc for residents and causing destruction along the way. We have been contacted by a number of people regarding it and we have hosted an initial meeting with the PSNI and council calling on both bodies to tackle the issue and look at measures to help curtail this escalating problem.

“An area of particular problem is that of the council owned playpark with youths congregating late at night, using it as a drinking den and causing problems with the equipment that young children should be able to use without any problems.”

Alderman Moutray continued: “I personally witnessed first-hand the problems on Halloween night and the problems caused to residents. Unfortunately this is a small nucleus of people involved in this type of activity and these people need to face the law. Thankfully the PSNI were on hand to deal with the matter. However, it’s vitally important that this problem is tackled and that people report it to the PSNI.

“This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable and must be tackled. We would encourage anyone who is experiencing difficulties in this regard to contact the PSNI. It is vital that the issues are reported. The PSNI have given a very clear commitment that they will attend to the issues and prosecute when necessary.

“We will be continuing our campaign for the people and we know that calm can be restored if residents, work with the PSNI. We know that the vast majority of young people are not involved in this type of activity and they must be commended, however, the individuals involved must face the law.”