Paramedic attacked by drunk patient

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A paramedic tending to a man in the back of an ambulance on the way to Craigavon Hospital was knocked to the floor by the patient then kicked repeatedly.

The man had been picked up in Armagh and it was during the journey that the patient ‘kicked off’, attacking the paramedic who was in the back of the ambulance with him.

The injured paramedic, who is from Lurgan, said: “We discovered him collapsed in a car park. He appeared to be intoxicated and his behaviour was erratic. At first he wasn’t playing ball, then he was very apologetic and got into the ambulance.

“On the way to hospital he kicked off about Stonebridge. He unbuckled himself from the stretcher then punched and kicked me. He knocked me to the floor and kept kicking me when I was on the floor.

“We rang ahead to the police and they were waiting for him at the hospital.

“After completing the paperwork for the patient I got treatment myself. I have soft tissue bruising to the face, neck, shoulder, back and side.

“I’m reported sick until further notice.”

The paramedic who has been with the ambulance service for around 15 years, said: “Attacks like this happen fairly frequently - you’d get people punching, spitting and scrabbing - but not usually to this extent.”