Parked lorries cause concern at Silverwood

Silverwood Road Lurgan
Silverwood Road Lurgan

Residents have voiced concerns at lorries regularly parked on the path at Silverwood garage.

SDLP Cllr Declan McAlinden said he has been contacted by a number of residents and motorists about the ‘consistent disregard’ of HGV drivers who park on the footpath.

“Although, legally they are not breaking the law, they are causing frustration and an obstruction with motorists and pedestrians entering and exiting the station. When the lorries park along this section, motorists’ views are blocked from oncoming traffic and are concerned an accident is waiting to happen.

“Pedestrians are having to walk into the busy station many with prams and are concerned for their safety. I spoke with PSNI who will monitor the situation.

“The other problem is the increase of the speed limit along the road to 50mph.

“Having spoken to Transport NI they have told me the increase was agreed with the consent of PSNI and that over the next few months they will monitor the situation.”

Cllr McAlinden also welcomed confirmation that work is due to begin on the Bannfoot/Ardmore Rd and Derrytrasna Rd.

“This is something I have been calling for and indeed many residents have been voicing their concerns because of the deteriorating conditions of the roads. These are very busy roads with lorries operating from Emersons, public transport, farmers and local residents all using these roads extensively.”

A DFI spokesperson said: “Following a review of the speed limit on Silverwood Road Lurgan by TransportNI and the PSNI it was agreed to reduce the speed limit from the national speed limit to 50mph.

“As part of this proposal it was also agreed to relocate the 30mph limit closer to the railway bridge at Francis Street. This is in line with TransportNI policy and has resulted in a section of approximately 400metres of the Silverwood Road having its speed limit increased from 30mph to 50mph.

“Craigavon Council was notified of these proposals at an early stage and offered no objection.”