‘People want to move away from bigotry’

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People want change, that was the message from SDLP Assembly candidate Dolores Kelly.

She said: “Having canvassed widely across Upper Bann I am getting a very strong message that people want change.

“A determination by many and particularly young people to move away from the traditional old bigotry and old battles has replaced the apathy of recent years.

“They want to be represented by politicians on the issues that really matter to them, education, health, environment, jobs and housing.

“They want parties that can and want to work together to concentrate on what really matters and not on division.

She added: “Ten years of a DUP/SINN FEIN government, with scandal after scandal from Red sky to Nama to cash for ash has left us with a real mess – no government and no budget.

“The parties that promised a new dawn and a fresh start have failed.

“I believe there is now recognition that staying at home on Election Day guarantees the same old same 

“Recent events in other parts of the world have clearly shown that people have the power to make change happen.

“I am asking voters to use that power on March 2nd to move us to a future based on respect, real partnership and above all to a functioning government that can deliver on the issues that really matter by voting for SDLP.”