People without exact change are being let down

Dolores Kelly.
Dolores Kelly.

SDLP Upper Bann MLA Dolores Kelly has said Translink continue to let people down by refusing service to those without exact change.

Ms Kelly has received complaints from a number of constituents frustrated at not being able to go about their daily business because bus drivers have refused to let them on.

The SDLP MLA said: “This is an issue which continues to frustrate people in the local community. Day and daily I receive complaints about the service and attitude of Translink and these latest issues are typical of the negative experiences commuters have.

“One constituent told me how she was refused service by two bus drivers as she attempted to get into town to do her shopping because she only had a £20 note.

One driver told her that she could pay £20 for the £1.90 fare if she wanted to get on. Aside from the appalling customer service attitude, that is no way to run a company that receives significant public investment.

“I will be meeting with Translink officials in the coming weeks to discuss this and explore solutions to the constant stream of problems.”