Missing a trampoline this morning? Storm Ciara has made little of outside 'furniture'

Trampoline blows on top of a roof - PSNI Facebook
Trampoline blows on top of a roof - PSNI Facebook

The picture showing where this trampoline is perilously perched, says it all.

This image, posted on PSNI Craigavon Facebook page illustrates quite clearly the ferocity of winds accompanying Storm Ciara around NI.

The post reads: "Really, need I say more? .....But in all seriousness it's been some night and Storm Ciara is still at her work and twisting things up so please be careful out there folks.

"It you don't need to be out and about then put the kettle on and wait until she blows over (quite literally).

"If you are heading out be careful, very careful.

"I certainly had an entertaining drive into work this morning in the dark and some of those roadside puddles are deeper than you think...ponds more like!!

"Even the ducks are looking at that weather and saying 'negative ghost rider', it's not for us.

"There's various items of debris on the roads and the odd bit on top of people's houses too so mind how you go.

"And if you see a young lady in ruby slippers tell her to click her heels and that there really is 'no place like home'."