Mother’s tears as son asks for two hands

Hunter Beeton aged two and a half
Hunter Beeton aged two and a half

With beautiful sad and pleading eyes, Hunter Beeton (aged 2 and a half) asked his mum for two hands after he was taunted at a nearby park.

The toddler had been born with just one hand and it had never been an issue until the bullies’ vile remarks as he was playing in Tannaghmore Gardens two weeks ago.

His mum Megan Watson (27) said she was heartbroken after her niece told her that boys, aged around 10 were so nasty to the little boy.

“They spotted his arm and started saying cruel things like he would get laughed at when he goes to school.”

She explained the she took Hunter to Moira Park last week and this time it was a group of girls who were nasty to him.

“These kids are older and should know better. Their parents should be teaching their children manners and educating them that it’s OK to be different,” she said.

Megan, who with partner Tony Beeton, have two more sons, Harley (4 and a half) and Hudson aged four months, said she was so upset after the Moira incident. “I was absolutely heartbroken for my child,” said Megan.

She revealed that she was feeling really upset and decided to share the videos of her little boy.

And the response was amazing with more than 3.5k people sharing the post and lots of comments of support for the young Derrymacash family.

She said she had been heartbroken when her son told her he wanted to hide his arm.

“This is the reality of people not educating their children that it’s OK to be different.”

She said she had thought that because he was only two and a half he might not have taken much notice of what the bullies had said. But later, when he asked for two hands, she realised the impact it had on her son.

“I do my best in telling my son how amazing he is and how he’s perfectly fine the way he is and that he’s so special, he didn’t need two hands, he only needed one. I’m not going to let someone else’s kids ruin that for him or make him feel sad or that he’s any different.”

Megan said she didn’t mind children asking questions but doesn’t appreciate the stares, laughs and pointing as well as the rude remarks.

“I’m blessed to have such an amazing son who is so very capable, strong, determined, clever, funny, cheeky - the list goes on.

“All I want is that parents educate their children that everyone is different and it is not OK to make fun of people for how they look or act,” said Megan.