Police concerned over parking near school

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Police have issued an appeal over inconsiderate parking in the Ballyhannon area of Portadown as children are leaving Bocombra Primary School.

Residents from Ballyhannon Lodge had contacted police regarding cars being parked on Zig Zag lines on Ballyhannon Road beside Chatswood Place and parking at the roundabout as you enter Ballyhannon Lodge.

A police spokesperson said: “Several motorists were spoken to regarding the manner of their parking and others spoken to regarding the location of the parking of their cars.

They urged people to park properly, particularly with children coming from school: “Parking on Zig-Zag lines, at junctions and at roundabouts are not appropriate or safe places.

“Please be considerate when parking your vehicles and ensure you leave enough room for emergency vehicles to get past your vehicles. Please do not park on Zig-Zag lines, within 15 metres of a junction, at roundabouts or across driveways.

“Please do not park on footpaths blocking the way for young children and parents pushing prams and forcing them onto the road to get round your vehicles.”

The spokesperson also asked drivers to watch their speed in the vicinity of schools and said police will be keeping an eye “to keep your children safe along with all other road users and pedestrians”.

Lorraine Taylor, Acting Principal, Bocombra Primary School said: “We are aware of traffic congestion within the vicinity of Bocombra Primary School. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to local residents and continue to work with parents, the PSNI, the Education Authority and the Department for Infrastructure in the interest of the safety of our pupils and the local community.”

She added: “Traffic and safety issues are highlighted regularly in letters to parents and we encourage families to walk, cycle or use scooters in their journey to and from school as much as possible.”