PSNI find little pup in search for missing person

Puppy was sick on PSNI officer's lap
Puppy was sick on PSNI officer's lap

A little puppy was brought to ‘a place of safety’ during a police search for a missing person last night.

The PSNI said the puppy was found after police broke down the door of a property when searching for the missing person.

Coordinated by the PSNI Search Advisor, the police helicopter was deployed as well as TSG Officers and the Local Policing Teams.

A spokesperson said: “As part of the investigation a TSG Crew was sent to the missing person’s home where, due to the concern for their safety, they had to force entry. In the property they located a little puppy but did not find the missing person.

The person was later located the missing person safe and well.

“The little pup was taken to a place of safety from the premises by TSG Officers. As you can see the puppy created a little “mess” of his own on the Sgt’s lap. Perhaps revenge for breaking his door down! All ended well, with everyone safe and the missing person getting the help required.”