Tesco football stunt goes viral

The video taken at Lurgan's Tesco store, which now has over 2 million views online.
The video taken at Lurgan's Tesco store, which now has over 2 million views online.

Three Lurgan lads have stacked up millions of views online after pulling a stunt with a football at Lurgan’s Tesco store.

Cousins Diarmuid and Eoghan O’Hagan, along with their friend, Eoin McCluskey, were having a kickabout with a football outside the store, when Eoin took his camera out.

It was then that the - now viral - footage was captured, and was welcomed with applause and awe by online users. In the video, Eoghan is seen kicking the ball towards the Tesco store and, aiming it to perfection, managing to shoot the ball through the ‘O’ in the Tesco sign.

“I was pretending to be a set of posts,” Eoghan’s cousin, Diarmuid, explained.

“I guess we were bored, so we thought it would be a sick shot to pull off and he did it! It was his second attempt - the first time, it bounced back off the ‘C’, and the second time, it went through the ‘O’.”

After pulling off the impressive stunt, the teenagers sent the footage to UNILAD - one of the most popular websites in the UK, known for its entertaining content, videos and articles. The video has now received almost 2.5 million views, with many online users trying to claim the glory for themselves. Some viewers have stabbed a guess at where the footage is taken - many speculating that the top kick took place in England or Wales - though Eoghan has been swift to identify himself as the genius behind the shot.

“I volunteered to take the shot and thankfully it went through the ‘O’,” Eoghan shared.

“Me and Diarmuid sent the video to UNILAD and, after a day of waiting, they put it up. I was with Diarmuid when it was put up, and our parents were there, too.”

It is not known whether or not the staff at the Lurgan Tesco store have seen the trending video, but the lads have undoubtedly become internet sensations.

“The staff are bound to have seen it by now,” Diarmuid said. “Pretty much everyone has!”

The three boys play football for Éire Óg Craigavon GAA - and, judging from the footage, their skills are on point.

You can watch the video now at www.lurganmail.co.uk