'You are a hero' reads child's picture of PSNI on a call

A young child got top marks from the PSNI after he drew a picture of them when they were on a call.

PSNI from Magherafelt were 'impressed' after Deaglan drew a superb picture of the police station, the police car and a policeman.

'You are a hero' says Deaglan

'You are a hero' says Deaglan

With the headline: "You are a hero from Deaglan" - the police were delighted by the 'masterpiece'.

Writing on PSNI Magherafelt Facebook page, they said: "How good is this?

"Out at a call earlier and while we were there young Deaglan was busy drawing, he then handed us this masterpiece.

"Loving the artwork and especially the attention to detail on our kit.

"We sorted him with stickers, showed him around the police car and made sure he got plenty of pictures with it."