Pet owner left with cuts and bruises trying to save her cat from jaws of blood-thirsty dog

Little Ruby was mauled to death by a savage dog
Little Ruby was mauled to death by a savage dog

A cat owner has suffered cuts and bruises trying to safe the life of her little pet from the jaws of blood-thirsty greyhound.

The third animal attack in less than a week saw little Ruby, a rescue cat, mauled to death by a brutal greyhound and lurcher.

Despite frantic attempts to save Ruby, owner Paula Doyle has been left distraught after witnessing the savage attack.

She told the Mail she had been up most of the night as Ruby suffered a seizure and she was nursing him.

However around 7am on Sunday morning, she let the cat out as usual.

“I had gone upstairs and then heard noises outside. I looked out the window and saw the two dogs surrounding my cat in the middle of the road,” said Paula, who lives in Cypress Gardens.

“I ran out to the road and tried to get her off them. My cat then darted up an alley and tried to get through a hedge but one of the dogs got her.

“I tried to get the dog off her but it wouldn’t let go. Then the dog darted off with my cat in his mouth into a nearby field.

“I was screaming and shouting for help as the dog was shaking my little cat in his mouth from left to right,” she said.

“Then I saw a man walking over and he was telling me to keep quiet. I went over and lifted my cat off the grass.

“Then when I turned round I saw the man carrying the greyhound. I was hysterical. I shouted at him that his dog had killed my cat but he just walked off saying nothing.

“I haven’t been able to go to work or eat since it happened,” said Paula who has another cat, plus two Beagles, one springer spaniel and a three month old cross-bred to care fore.

“I am afraid to let them out of the house now,” she said.

“My fingers and legs are all cut and bruised,” said the 43-year-old mum of two. She added that her teenagers are distraught at what happened.

Last week another family in Lurgan were traumatised after their pet dog Woody was mauled by two dogs. Woody survived but Paula said she was so upset at the incident she sent a message to the owners.

“Little did I know then that my own wee cat would be killed,” she said.

She has contacted the police, the USPCA and the dog warden.

In another attack at the weekend a pet poodle Benji was savaged to death by two dogs also in the Kilwilkie area.

Sharon Henderson posted on Facebook: “So our family pet ... my mummy’s wee dog Benji mauled to death by two dogs in this estate.

“This is the second dog this week.

“Please please please look after your pets,” said Sharon.

“And to those letting their animals roam freely, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

“Another little piece of our family gone. Heartbroken to say the least,” she said.

Several people have voiced concerns that these dogs may attack a child and have called for action by the authorities.

The PSNI in Lurgan said: “Police received a report from a resident in Kilwilkie that a pet dog had been attacked by two other dogs in the estate on Saturday.

“The animal was subsequently put down by a vet due to its injuries.”

Sinn Féin Councillor, Keith Haughian, condemned the attacks on family pets in North Lurgan.

“It appears that a group of young men are setting hunting dogs on family pets in the area and causing great distress not only to the animals but to the owners and children who bore witness to this disgusting behaviour. I would appeal to the individuals behind this to stop immediately, but I am calling on anyone with information to bring forward the names of the individuals to the PSNI. There is no justification for this type of behaviour. I will make contact with the local dog warden and ask for an increased presence in North Lurgan.”