Pet viciously attacked by roaming dogs

Lil - injured in a dog on dog attack.
Lil - injured in a dog on dog attack.

Following a savage attack on a pet dog by two Lurcher dogs, which have been roaming unsupervised in their neighbourhood, Craigavon residents are afraid to let their pets out.

Ivan McEwen, a resident at Legahory Court where the attack took place, contacted the ‘MAIL’ to alert people to the ongoing danger.

He said that two Lurcher dogs attacked the dog of grandmother, Clare McCann, when she was taking it for a walk along with her grandchild. The child was traumatised by the brutal attack, Mr McEwen added. Describing the attack, he said: “Two Lurcher type dogs, one each end tried to pull the wee dog apart, then another wee Jack Russell joined in the attack. Only for the intervention of two BT engineers, the wee dog would have been killed.

“The dog called Lil had to be taken to the vet and given stitches to treat the wounds inflicted on it”, the outraged resident explained.

Consequently people are terrified to let their pets out. Mr McEwen said that boys bring the dogs to the area and let them roam about. He added that he had contacted the dog warden and police but the problem is still unresolved.

A spokesperson for the Council said there have been reports of several dog on dog attacks in the Legahory area and they are taking action. The dog warden has gone out to investigate but the unsupervised dogs have not been in the area at the time.

The spokesperson added: “We can confirm that we received information regarding a dog on dog attack in the Legahory area. At the time and on further occasions, the dog warden went out to see if they could locate these dogs in this area, but unfortunately were unable to locate the dogs in question.

“The dog warden has taken a witness statement from the person whose dog was attacked in order to progress the ongoing investigation. This is a very distressing situation so if someone knows something or has something further to add they should contact the dog warden service through the civic centre on 028 3831 2400,”