PIPS getting set for balloon release

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PIPS Upper Bann are holding their annual balloon release on Thursday 10th September.

The event marks World Suicide Prevention Day, with similar events taking place all over the 

During the event, which will take place at 7pm at the YMCA on Carnegie St, Lurgan, 268 pink and blue balloons will be released to mark each of those who died as a result of suicide last year in Northern Ireland.

“The aim of the balloon release is not only to remember all of those who have died in the local community as a result of suicide,” explained Seanna Nugent, Chair of PIPS Upper Bann, “but to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around suicide and mental health issues - in the hope that it will encourage more people in distress to ask for help.”

This year’s theme is ‘Preventing Suicide: Reaching out and saving lives’, with the aim of encouraging everyone to consider how crucial support can be in combating suicide.

“The act of showing care and concern to someone who may be vulnerable to suicide can have such a huge impact,” said Seanna.

PIPS will be running a new ‘Time for Change’ group from September onwards. This is an opportunity for those who feel isolated, 
lonely or depressed to engage in activities which improve well-being, and to connect with other people in the community.

For more information on the ‘Time for Change’ group - or any of the other services provided by PIPS - please contact PIPS on 028 3831 0151.