Plan to tackle nursing shortage welcomed

Sydney Anderson
Sydney Anderson

The Health Minister’s recent announcement to increase training places for nurses by 100 has been welcomed.

Upper Bann DUP MLA Sydney Anderson had tabled a motion in the Assembly calling on the Health Minister to work proactively with colleges and universities to promote nursing as a career choice, as well as continuing to build on the work by previous Health Ministers in addressing the issue of nursing shortages.

Mr Anderson stated: “Nursing shortages is a very important issue and I felt it was relevant for me to bring forward a motion in the Assembly on the matter. Encouraging students to stay in Northern Ireland and consider careers in nursing and midwifery is key.

“It will address staffing shortages and help replace those retiring within the workforce. I am aware that in 2016 over 2,200 applications were received for the 264 commissioned Adult Nursing and Mental Health Nursing degree places at Ulster University. This highlights that there does exist a desire for a career in nursing and midwifery.”We need to ensure we have a sustainable health service moving forward.”