Play shares stories of six men in ‘Troubles’

Theatre of Witness
Theatre of Witness

Six men who have played different roles in our Troubled past are taking to the stage to share true stories about their lives during the conflict.

Theatre of Witness production is a unique documentary of our past and has been described as ground breaking with the performances “a vital contribution to healing and reconciliation in Northern Ireland”.

It is a production that “levelled the hierarchy of victimhood and crossed the barriers between ‘them and us”.

Audiences hear the evocative stories of a former RUC detective, a former Prison Governor, a former British soldier, two ex-prisoners and a community activist who survived a car bomb as a child. In the production each shared his own journeys of reconciliation, redemption and healing.

The project gives voice to those whose stories have not been heard in society. ‘Release’ is the third Theatre of Witness Production.

The documentary surrounding “Release” and hosting some of the men who participated is now being viewed in the Brownlow Hub on the 27 March 7-9pm.

The event is being organised and run by Drumbeg residents association, supported by Craigavon Councils Good Relation Programme. Drumbeg has in the past suffered the impact of the conflict and the legacy of that conflict is still very much alive within the community. This play docudrama is about healing and reconciliation and supporting individuals and communities to discuss that legacy.