Playgroup closes due to mice issue

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Mice have forced the temporary closure of The Little Oaks Preschool in Killicomaine Jubilee Community Centre.

The preschool took the decision to close last Friday, and called in the council to help deal with its unwelcome visitors.

The playgroup, which has 26 children attending its morning session and a further 26 in the afternoon, began a deep clean of all its equipment on Monday.

Playgroup leader Dianne Coulter said on Tuesday, “We have been two full days at it. It’s a big job. We have six of our staff cleaning and two helpers from the council.

“We initially saw droppings in our cleaning products cupboard. We will be reopening when it is safe to do so.”

A spokesperson for ABC Council said, “Officers from environmental health, estates and asset management and community development alongside Entomol Pest Control have taken steps to address the situation. The site is being assessed daily with the aim of reopening the room as soon as possible.

“The rest of the centre is not affected and is operating as normal.”

Councillor Louise Templeton, who has been working with the playgroup leader and council to resolve the issue, said

it was regrettable that children have had to miss their playgroup sessions adding that staff at the centre “have been working tirelessly to get things up and running