Plea for action at Kiln Lane

  • Residents at Kiln Lane want action on increased traffic
  • Speeding vehicles making life a misery for locals
  • Transport NI says it intends to carry out traffic survey

Traffic at Lurgan’s Kiln Lane has soared by 40% since traffic lights were erected at the Silverwood junction and residents want urgent action.

Speeding articulated lorries and cars are making life a misery for the locals and they have demanded that Transport NI introduce traffic calming measures.

Kiln Lane

Kiln Lane

Local resident Robin Devine said: “The main issue is with the speed and the amount of traffic that is on the road.

“We have 40ft lorries coming past at speed. There’s a scout den up the way as well with children being dropped off.

“I do think at some stage someone is going to be hurt and hurt bad. With the traffic lights at the junction at Silverwood, that is pushing more traffic up the road at speed to try and beat the lights.

“Coming in and out of the junction, residents are very concerned at the speed of the traffic when we are trying to get out onto the road. It is a genuine concern among the residents and there are a lot of residents and children in the area,” he said.

I do think at some stage someone is going to be hurt and hurt bad

Robin Devine

Other residents want speed ramps and a reduction in the speed limit to 30mph. One resident also suggested closing the road off at the halfway point.

The resident said part of the road has a 60mph zone. “Articulated lorries are coming down this road at speed and if a child was to cross the road there. What chance would they have? Absolutely none.”

Another resident said local councillors do not want to know about their problems. They are set to start a petition calling for safety measures.

And another resident said there should be traffic lights at the top of the Kiln Lane - ‘so that they can actually get out onto Francis St’.

Residents believe traffic has increased by 40% since the erection of the lights.

“Do you wait until a child is dead before you do anything,” said Robin, pointing out that the 40MPH sign is almost completely covered by foliage.

“It is worst at school times and in the morning and evening rush hours.”

A TransportNI spokesperson said: “TransportNI intends to carry out a traffic survey for Kiln Lane, Lurgan to establish if there is a need for traffic calming.

The survey will not be carried out during the summer months as traffic flows are seasonally low, so it is expected that the results will be available in the autumn.”