Plea for Good Samaritan to return to scene of good deed

A Bleary woman has made an appeal for a Good Samaritan to return to the scene of her good deed so she can properly thank her.

Lyn Patton spoke to the ‘MAIL’ this week after her mother took ill while out for a walk and received help from a passing motorist.

Lyn said: “Mum was out for a walk with my brother’s son when she took ill.

“She was only as far as the top of Dean’s Road, not far from my house.

“She took out her phone to phone me, but dropped it and it wouldn’t work. She got herself into a state and lots of cars were driving past.

“She was afraid of her grandson getting out into the road.

“A woman in a white jeep stopped and helped her.

“My mother told her I was only down the road so she came down to the house and got me.

“She came back to the house the next day to check if my mum was alright, but I didn’t get her name.

“I’m hoping she reads this and calls back down to the house as we want to give her a token of our appreciation for what she did for mum.”