Plea for traffic calming in Donaghcloney

DONAGHACLONEY is being discriminated against in favour of Waringstown, according to one resident who is furious at the Roads Service apparent lack of action in dealing with traffic problems.

The woman, who preferred not to be named, said someone is going to be killed because of speeding through Donaghcloney village.

From Irwin Place, she said both her road and Main Street were becoming very dangerous.

“If a child stepped out onto those roads they could be knocked down,” she said.

“The traffic that goes through this village on the daily basis is unbelievable,” she told the Mail.

She said there had been repeated calls for traffic calming measures and that she had attended DUP clinics in Donaghcloney to raise the issue.

The Donaghcloney woman claimed that in 2009 the village was promised traffic calming measures but nothing had been done.

“I feel Donaghcloney is being left out of the loop and Waringstown is getting everything,” she said.

“They have had a lot of work done by Roads Service. They have had signs and chevrons. There’s a big difference between the two places,” she said.

“Cars and tractors with manure spreaders are going flat out up the main street. It’s a death trap.”

“We are away out in the country and are being forgotten.”

A Roads Service spokesperson said: “All work is identified and assessed equally and fairly using the relevant criteria. Should schemes be identified for inclusion on a programme of works, delivery is dependant on competing priorities and the availability of funding.

“Roads Service carries out regular maintenance inspections of all public roads and any surface defects considered to present a significant hazard to the road user are recorded and programmed for repair within a reasonable timescale in accordance with pre determined criteria.

“Following the next inspection of Hall Road any surface defects will be repaired as required.”