Pledge to resurface some of worst roads

Councillor Carla Lockhart surveys the state of the road surface at Glenfield Road.
Councillor Carla Lockhart surveys the state of the road surface at Glenfield Road.

The pledge to resurface some of the worst roads in the Mourneview estate has been welcomed by a local MLA.

According to DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart, the head of the Roads Service has agreed in principle to resurfacing Glenfield Road, Brookhill and Darling Avenue in the current financial year.

Councillor Lockhart said: “This is something that I have been vocal and active in lobbying for along with concerned residents.

“I received a letter confirming it would be happening following a personal invitation was issued to Mr Kevin Monaghan the Head of Road Service in Craigavon to view and walk the road with me.

She added: “I am delighted that Mr Monaghan has agreed in principle to resurface Glenfield Road and the surrounding roads in this financial year.

“This means in essence that it will if no major roadworks are required as a result of something like extreme weather conditions the resurfacing will be completed by Spring next year.

“This is a fantastic result and it is something that I have been lobbying for since going onto Council some years ago. It just proves you just have to keep asking.

“These roads in the heart of Mourneview are amongst some of the worst within the Borough and it is high time that they were resurfaced.

“I would like to extend my thanks for this commitment and I can assure residents the battle does not stop here I will not settle until the work is completed and I will continue to lobby for the resurfacing of other such roads in the Mourneview and the Grey Estate.”

Meanwhile Councillor Carla Lockhart has also called on the Housing Executive to provide much-needed window replacements in Mourneview.

She said: “Having successfully lobbied for the Avenue Road estate and Lime Grove and seen recently the completion of the work the next on my list to achieve is that of Mourneview and the surrounding area.

“NIHE houses unfortunately remain with single glazing windows this I believe is unacceptable and something that needs addressed urgently. As we approach the winter period it is of utmost importance that the NIHE work towards replacement within the coming months. I am delighted to hear that they hope to be back on schedule within the coming weeks and that Mourneview, Grey and Hospital are certainly high up the list of priorities.

“In a day and age when fuel poverty is so prevalent particularly amongst the most vulnerable in society it is essential that this is prioritised.”