Pokemon hunters ‘cruising’ at 15mph branded ‘dangerous’ by police

PSNI dog with a Pokemon
PSNI dog with a Pokemon

Pokemon hunters cruising at 15 miles per hour have been branded ‘dangerous’ by the PSNI Craigavon.

It appears the local police met someone ‘cruising about in the car because her wee sister wanted to catch some Pokemon’.

“Pokemon Go is not designed to be played from a vehicle that’s moving on a road. This is a massive road safety issue, at best, it’s careless,” said the PSNI Craigavon on their Facebook page

“You can’t cruise about the road at 15mph, its far too dangerous folks regardless of the time of day.”

The fun loving team at PSNI Craigavon added: “We too are loving trying to ‘catch em all but please folks, be careful! I’ve come across groups of kids out in the dark, cars parked up in weird and wonderful places and the most frightening, someone cruising slowly about in the car because her wee sister wanted to catch some pokemon!

“Have fun, catch as many as you can, and get out and enjoy the good weather while it lasts! .... And if anyone can tell me where there’s a Pikachu.... It’d be much appreciated.”

Earlier they gave some tips for those eager to catch a Pokemon.

- ”I need help catching this Pokemon” is not really a police matter, and definitely not one for the 999.

- If you find one near a road, look left and right before crossing, rather than staring just at the screen and aimlessly wandering! Pokemon may be virtual reality, but cars are very real, and very sore.

- If you’re driving, don’t even think about it! £60 fine and three points would give Pikachu the last laugh.

“If you’re really getting it tight and we’ve got space, we might be able to help you with a spot in custody, although the Sergeant may ask a few questions if we don’t have room for a burglar because Pikachu is in a cell!

“So, if you’re Pokemon Go-ing out in public, please watch where you’re going. Don’t set your phone down or make yourself a target for pick pockets or thieves. Oh and don’t use excessive force on poor Pidgey. PONI (Pokemon Ombudsman for Northern Ireland) will be on you in no time. If Dino weren’t so cute, he’d be in interview already.

“Finally, “But there’s a Zubat in there” is NOT an excuse for breaking into someone’s house, or even wandering round their property. Make sure you have permission from any property owner before you go hunting!”