Police catch more than 100 motorists drink driving

Sydney Anderson
Sydney Anderson

PSNI statistics show more than 100 drivers were caught drinking and driving during the first two weeks of a police campaign.

The statistics show that the number of drivers and motorcyclists caught by the police soared by 42% compared to the same period last year.

The figures show 104 drivers were caught across the north between November 26 and December 9 last year.

Local DUP MLA Sydney Anderson said: “Whilst the police indicate that they have tested and detected more people in relation to drink driving this is still a very worrying situation. Despite the PSNI warning people not to drink and drive many are still ignoring such advice thus having no regard for their own safety or that of other road users.

“Reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads is everybody’s responsibility and it is imperative that nobody drinks and drives as you could seriously live to regret your actions. Not only could lose your license, but if an individual was involved in a collision where someone was killed or seriously injured you could potentially be imprisoned.”