Police had to stop after man stepped out in front of vehicle

One man protest. INLM2212-101gc
One man protest. INLM2212-101gc

A POLICE car on the way to an emergency call had to stop when Eugene Bradley stepped out in front of it, Craigavon Court heard last Thursday.

Giving evidence a police officer said that at 3.50pm on June 1 they received a call about a young man who had taken a suspected overdose and they were trying to get to the scene as quickly as possible.

They had their blue lights and sirens on and traffic was pulling to one side in Church Place to allow them through.

The witness added that Bradley walked out in front of the car and the driver had to brake to avoid a collision with him. He walked off the pavement and proceeded to cross the road.

The officer said it was not appropriate to stop at the time because of the nature of the call about a person who had taken a suspected overdose.

Later he returned and cautioned Bradley who said: “This is collusion.”

Again the defendant declined a chance to cross-examine the witness.

A second police officer, who was driving, said that as they approached the church area there were two lines of traffic which had parted so their car could get between them.

He added that a vehicle on the right hand side came to an abrupt stop as Bradley stepped off the pavement in front of it. The officer also had to stop abruptly.

He said that Bradley continued to walk in front of the vehicle he was driving and seemed to slow down. He slowed any progression at that stage through the traffic.

Convicting Bradley of the charge Judge Bates said he regarded this matter as the most serious of the three offences.