Police in appeal to parents


Police have issued an appeal for parents to make sure they know where their children are, after dealing with two large crowds of youths in Lurgan and Portadown this weekend.

It’s the second such appeal in as many months, with a similar call made in December after police dealt with a crowd of up to 200 youths at Lurgan’s Castle Lane.

Posting on their Facebook page Craigavon PSNI said on Saturday night (January 9): ”Good evening parents! If you have an under 18 teenage child, have a check that they’re at home. If not, they may be part of the large crowds we’ve been dealing with this evening at Castle Lane in Lurgan, and Ballyoran in Portadown.

“It’s in everyone’s interests that they’re home, or at least parentally accounted for. If we have to start bringing underage kids home, we’ll be asking YOU to explain why they’re drunk, disturbing neighbourhoods late at night, then giving us abuse for moving them on.

“Furthermore, if we find out who’s responsible for smashing bottles in these locations, we’ll pass their details, and yours, to the council. A littering fine probably isn’t your ideal start to the new year.

“Do you know where your kids are?”

The police tagged their post ‘#keepingpeoplesafe’’ and had this response when some posters questioned their priorities and encouraged them to go catch some ‘real criminals’:

‪”Real criminals? Tell that to a parent who stands in a morgue identifying their dead child due to alcohol poisoning, or gets knocked down after stumbling out in front of a car.

“Keeping people safe isn’t all about bank robbers and murderers. Unfortunately it’s often about doing parents jobs for them.”