Police recover stolen bikes

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Lurgan Neighbourhood Policing Team are urging owners of bicycles to put crime prevention measures in place to protect their property against theft.

They say that too many bicycles are left unattended and unsecured in estates and gardens.

Sergeant Galbraith, Lurgan NPT, said: “By introducing a few crime prevention measures, owners can help to stop bicycle thefts taking place.

“Owners need to realise that it only takes a few seconds to steal a bicycle so it is important that cyclists make full use of bicycle locks, and secure their bikes properly to a permanent fixture every time they leave it unattended.

“All too often we see bikes that have been left lying in gardens and open spaces, during the day, and even overnight. This makes life far too easy for opportunist thieves who simply have to pick them up and ride off on them, or place them in the back of a car.

“In addition to keeping a record of any damage, owners should always keep details of the make, model, and serial numbers and should also indelibly mark their bike with their post code and house number. This will enable police to identify the owner should your bicycle ever be stolen and subsequently recovered.”

Anyone who has any information regarding the theft of bicycles is asked to contact the neighbourhood team in Lurgan on 0845 600 8000

Lurgan Neighbourhood Policing Team has recovered a number of bicycles, believed stolen, on Thursday, June 16: pink and silver girls bicycle; blue and silver mountain bike black and silver BMX style bicycle; red and silver mountain bike; lime green BMX style bicycle.

Should any member of the public believe the bicycles may belong to them they are invited to come and view the bicycles at Lurgan PSNI where they will be held for a period of two weeks. Proof of ownership/further description will be required prior to release of bicycle.